Mandatory Training Packages


We deliver face to face mandatory training sessions based firmly on our core value of REAL SKILLS FOR REAL PEOPLE IN REAL WORKPLACES. Our experienced Trainers will provide teaching sessions to equip learners with real knowledge and skills to be applied to their practice. Employers can choose from a wide range of topics to create their own training packages based on the needs of their work setting. Each session is well planned and course resources are included. We charge a cost per learner per session so employers can manage costs effectively and work within their budgets. The available sessions include:


Health and Safety Awareness

Fire Safety Awareness

Infection Prevention and Control

Moving and Handling of People

Medication Awareness

Dementia Awareness

Mental Capacity Act 2005 and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards Awareness

Communication and Record Keeping

Person Centred Care

Food Safety Awareness

Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults

Safeguarding Children

Emergency First Aid Awareness

Basic Life Support

And many more....







Care Certificate

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Business Administration and Management



We deliver nationally recognised Diplomas from Level 2 to Level 7. Diploma courses combine knowledge, theory, skills and competencies within specific working roles and sectors. These courses are affordable and flexible. We tailor our delivery to meet individual learner needs working in partnership with employers to facilitate real learning and professional development.




Level 2 Diploma in Business Administration (RQF)

Level 3 Diploma Business Administration (RQF)

Level 3 Diploma in Management (RQF)

LeveI 4 NVQ Diploma in Management (RQF)

Level 5 Diploma in Management and Leadership (RQF)

Level 6 Diploma in Business Management (RQF)

Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership (RQF)

Level 2 Diploma in Care (RQF) (including Care Certificate if required)

Level 3 Diploma in Adult Care (RQF) (including Care Certificate if required)

Level 2 Certificate in Understanding the Safe Handling of Medicines (RQF)

Level 2 Award in Prevention and Control of Infection (RQF)

Level 3 Certificate in Understanding Mental Health Care (RQF)

Level Certificate in the Principles of End of Life Care (RQF)

Level 3 Award in Awareness of Dementia (RQF)

Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care (RQF)

Many more qualifications are available.....



Health and Social Care Qualifications and Courses


We offer the latest care Diplomas and many qualifications for care workers. All programmes include knowledge and theory to underpin practice excellence and occupational competence. Our Tutors provide face to face teaching and support alongside high quality resources to ensure learners achieve meaningful learning for their own professional development as well as real benefits for their employers. Skilled and qualified staff deliver better service and staff retention rates are improved.

We can support health and social care employers to cover the costs of their training in full. Contact us for more information and a full brochure of all of the qualifications we offer.


Early Years and Childcare Qualifications and Courses


We offer the latest in Early Years qualifications relevant to those working in nurseries, pre-school, primary settings and children's centres. All programmes consist of both knowledge and competence that will be taught and assessed by an experienced and qualified Tutor. To meet ratio requirements we offer these qualifications in conjunction with the relevant Functional Skills (English/Maths Level 1/2).

Full Apprenticeship Standards will soon be available.


Level 2 Certificate for The Children and Young People's Workforce (RQF)

Level 3 Diploma in Children's Learning and Development (Early Years Eductor) (RQF)

Level 3 Diploma for Children and Young People's Workforce (RQF)

Care Certificate


We offer an exclusive Care Certificate programme. Weekly sessions, covering units from the Care Certificate, are delivered in a training room at our office building in Worcestershire. Care workers can simply book into a session and come along to receive tuition and complete each unit. The programme is a rolling programme so learners can join at anytime. The full cost of the Care Certificate is £150 although these sessions are offered as a Pay-As-You-Go plan so you may choose to pay £15 per session.

Employers can ensure their care staff have achieved the Care Certificate in an effective timescale with assurance of a quality delivery. Care workers will gain valuable learning to support their working practice.

We also offer the Care Certificate as a training programme to be delivered in workplaces at the request of an employer and any learners continuing to the Level 2 Diploma in Care (RQF) will receive a significant reduction in the cost of the Diploma.


The Care Certificate is made up of 15 Standards and combines knowledge and competence. For any care workers that are inexperienced and unqualified this is the minimum level of training required by The Care Quality Commission (CQC). All Standards must be completed to achieve the Care Certificate.


  1. Understand your role
  2. Your personal development
  3. Duty of care
  4. Equality and diversity
  5. Work in a person centred way
  6. Communication
  7. Privacy and dignity
  8. Fluids and nutrition
  9. Awareness of mental health, dementia and learning disabilities
  10. Safeguarding adults
  11. Safeguarding children
  12. Basic life support
  13. Health and safety
  14. Handling information
  15. Infection prevention and control


To book a place on a Care Certificate course or to make an enquiry about how we can deliver an effective Care Certificate programme for your organisation please use the Care Certificate booking enquiry form.




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