We value our learners and firmly believe that we can support each individual to achieve their chosen qualfication and get the most out of training.

Every learner undertaking a qualification receives access to an electronic portfolio system. You can access learning resources, interact with your tutor, monitor your  progress and receive feedback from your tutor. This flexible system allows you to learn at anytime.

You can access your portfolio wherever you see 

the iLearner logo or by visting

Learners can also access the electronic textbook resources, specific to each qualification using the Dynamic Learning system. You can also install an APP on your smartphone or tablet. Your tutor will provide your individual login details for this resource so you can learn anywhere, anytime!



Visit our social media pages to see our latest news and features. We often share important care sector information and provide useful links to further resources to support your learning and inform your practice.We really appreciate your comments, feedback and input. If you find interesting articles or case studies then share them with our pages and your fellow learners.

Together we are creating our own 

"ETL COMMUNITY" and you are each an 

important part of what we do and how we 

do it. Without our care providers and 

learners we couldn't continue to put 

learning programmes together that constantly evolve and truly stand out from rest!


We work with large and small employers to create and deliver training and learning to meet their organisational needs. We pride ourselves on our flexibility in terms of both delivery and costs. You can talk to us to explain what you need and we will can make it happen!

We encourage health and social care providers to make use of the 

Adult Social Care Workforce Data Set and Workforce Development Fund (WDF)

The Adult Social Care (ASC) Workforce Data Set is an online data collection service and the leading source of workforce information for the adult social care sector in England. The ASC-WDS requires care settings to create an account and input data.

An establishment’s ASC-WDS account is expected to be an accurate reflection of its workforce. The government, the Department of Health and Social Care, the Care Quality Commission (CQC), local authorities, Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and other sector stakeholders all need access to high quality adult social care workforce information. The ASC-WDS is where they come to get it.

It’s in the interests of all care providers to ensure the government and local authorities are making decisions using the best possible evidence base. There are over 20,000 care locations in the ASC-WDS providing data on over 700,000 care staff.

These providers see the need to provide that evidence. In doing so they open a range of benefits to their own organisation, including being able to access money for qualifications and learning programmes through the Workforce Development Funding (WDF). [accessed 18/09/2019]

We can guide and support employers through the initial set up and then on-going management of their account. This account also creates useful records for care settings and reduces administration tasks. It generates a live training matrix and easily accessible data for analysis of your own staff team. 

Why choose us?

  • Reduced achievement timescales
  • Excellent value for money and support to access available funding streams to achieve "no cost" learning
  • A range of delivery models and styles to choose from
  • High quality learning programmes with resources for learners
  • Programmes that identify the learning needs of each learner and work to meet these
  • Appointments that allow learners to attend and progress - our learners work shifts and often unsociable hours. We understand this so we do too!
  • On-going support for both learners and employers